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West Side Forward community economic development programs aims to bring an end to decades of concentrated poverty on Chicago’s West Side through strategic and cooperative community transformation investments. You can support this effort by making a donation today. Your donations will go toward:

  • Building a self-sustaining West Side economy that is connected to the larger regional economy.
  • Strengthening community capacity to benefit from investment.
  • Creating opportunities to bring individuals and families out of poverty.
  • Supporting policies and systems that help communities thrive.

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Transforming the West Side communities from communities of concentrated poverty, high rates of unemployment and low levels of educational achievement to look something more similar to Chicago overall will take substantial, focused investment in getting West Side residents employed in skilled jobs. Bethel New Life needs your help to achieve the goals of West Side Forward. You can get involved and make a difference on the West Side in a number of different ways:

  • Volunteer
  • Write your local legislator
  • Donate

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